How much does a fabulous wedding decor cost? 

Minimum you need to make your wedding beautiful:


 Wedding arch 

Ceremony chairs



Table cards 

Top table or sweetheart table

Table plan 

Bride's Bouquet
Bridesmaid's bouquets



Set up 
Take down 
Designer supervision

wedding centerpiece
About price 


Each wedding is a special event for every bride and there are no alike weddings, so there are no matching costs. While a wedding is the pinnacle of romance, it is often one of largest financial expenditures people face in their lives. We believe you deserve to know all the costs in advance, have a transparent budget, and be in control of your own money, spending exactly what you want to spend. 


We came up with a standard tier-based price structure, serving as a foundation for a fully customized, personalized affair designed and build especially for you. Each price tier includes all the minimum items and services you can see on the left. When you open a presentation below, you will be able to see the level of décor in each tier and to understand the costs beforehand, making an informed decision on what works for you best.

Please, fill out our application, so we could come to the first meeting prepared.

Wedding bouquet by bearuza